The Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Studies and Research “Donne Genere e Formazione” DGF (Women, Gender and Education) was established in January 2010 by the Department of Relational Sciences “Gustavo Iacono” of the University of Naples Federico II.

We are a research group and we work within the critic feminist pedagogy, developing methods and instruments of pedagogical research, both theoretical and experimental.


Objectives of the Laboratory

  • Educate to equal opportunities and active citizenship, fighting against sexist and racial stereotypes;
  • Increment welfare of citizens and foster relationships between genres and generations;
  • Contrast asymmetry, discrimination and violence connected to genre;
  • Deconstruct conventional theories on education;
  • Revisit knowledge, languages, pedagogic relationships, didactic methodologies and contents within a formation system where equality in rights doesn’t mean equalized identities;
  • Support innovative interpretation of concepts characterizing the pedagogy of the difference, such as the notions of subjectivity, individuality, physicality and otherness
  • Increment the research on problems related to relationship, citizenship, interpersonal and intercultural communication, through a multidimensional approach that seeks contributions of different disciplines and feminine narrative;
  • Implement genre research by interdisciplinary contributions;
  • Uncover the complexity of the experience of women and genre relationships through the centuries;
  • Promote the realization of courses aimed at developing the reflective capabilities and critical thought of the students;
  • Promote methodologies educating to genre, aimed at developing reflection and self-conscience of subjects in formation;
  • Enhance feminine knowledge and the culture of women;
  • Create a research network linking university, territory and local institutions.


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